This is where it all started.

What’s a massive film fanatic, comic book lover, cult collector and novice yet passionate gamer going to do when his only out source of displaying his disgrace, rage, excitement, joy or complete indifference to our evolving world of film has been stripped away. Write a blog. I guess…

You see me and a couple of friends used to run, while slightly underwhelming in listeners, a fairly good radio show all about film and we loved doing it, whether we had one listener or ten (and that’s saying something) we were happy because for two hours a week we could indulge our unabridged nerdisms and fandoms free from ridicule, thanks to radio being pretty much one way, and really let it be known how we felt and what we thought of the current movie affairs and the world of film. Having now successfully graduated, and there will be no obligatory ‘somehow’ parenthetical’s following that statement read a buzzfeed article for that, such an ability has been subdued to the four walls of our home, probably some would say for the better, alas so much is in constant flux within the world of film and my passion is immeasurable I have searched for the next appropriate media in which to display my afflictions and excitements side by side, uncensored. And as they say build it and they will come, or in the case of our radio show maybe they won’t maybe they will, or maybe they simply had no choice either for better or poorer, so alas this is where hopefully a new chapter of my passions may survive for the enjoyment of others or to never be read but that’s okay with me. I’m happy.

I don’t intend to keep yourselves (perspective readers) up to date on the coming and goings of film but rather simply expel with some hope, and a lot of rewriting and reworking, some interesting looks into the mad, mad world of film. Looking back at seminal classics, exciting potential’s for the future and general things that bug me or on the rare occasion excite me. You’ll come to realise I’m a little pessimistic at times but when is a writer not, it just makes for better reading, a sad truth. But oh well. Don’t scold me on that because then you’ll only be just as bad.

So there you have it, that’s me your writer and why this blog exists. And hopefully I can do right by you and provide some hopeful entertainment, if anyone reads to do so any more. Trust me I will stop the self hating and patronisation in time. And time is something I have an abundance of, ‘oh how wonderful graduate life is’. You can probably tell I’m running out of stuff to say so before I start telling you my life story and bore you more than The Tree of Life did, while a tough feat I know, I have no dinosaurs only plastic ones, and before you become overwhelmed by my to the beat topical humour, I would like to say thanks for reading, or at least skimming. Thanks.

Hopefully see you next week, obviously in a metaphorical way. And no I won’t be writing what’s coming next week, it’ll just have to remain a mystery for now. And just so you know that line is actually really clever but you’ll have to wait for the next one to fully appreciate it, sorry but ain’t life a bitch like that.

But hey it’s been fun. You know what? I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Whatever. Peace.


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