I am Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise


Here we go, so after a heartfelt and dare I say it for once emotional introduction to my hopefully ongoing blog. I can get down to the real substance of my writings, stuff that annoys me. No don’t worry I won’t continually moan and berate stuff, because then it will hold no significance instead I will be more calculated in describing my discrepancy’s.

Now for a while I have felt significant elements have been lacking from cinema, which I will illuminate your obvious excitement too over the course of these blogs but first up I want to discuss  one particular lacking element. Mystery. Told you that sign off last time was doozie. I’m not talking in a narrative sense, as there are plenty of films which to this day still trick me and keep me guessing, what I mean is the lack of mystery surrounding a release these days. We are now in an age where everything is right there in front of us and the studio’s seem happy to continually oversaturate us with knowledge. Prior to a films release we receive no less than ten trailers and a multitude of TV spots, and this will all be given to us a month before release. Leaving little up to the imagination as to what is to happen next, reducing the plot to mere background noise and audiences just going along to see the stars and see how big the action can get. Yeah I’m looking at you Marvel. Could the accompanying music to the Age of Ultron trailer hold any more irony if it tried.

It’s a great shame, as one of the joys was the surprises a film could land on you, from Matt Damon’s unannounced appearance in Nolan’s seminal Interstellar or Kevin Spacey being left off the credits only to emerge from the rain drenched darkness of Se7en as a pivotal character in the narrative. And then there are some great trailers that keep you hanging but engorge you with the idea and feeling of the film, for instance; the recently released trailer for David O’Russell’s Joy, it’s exciting, and set’s up a promising and intriguing character and premise, while this may not remain with the undoubted release of future trailers it’s nice to see a teaser that is a teaser rather then a two minute teaser which is then accompanied by a two minute and twenty-three second trailer a week later. Do you see the madness. Some trailers have famously gone so far and given it all away if you pay close attention. Wait what Sam Worthington was a Terminator all along. Yep. Why give a potential intriguing narrative away before we’ve seen the film, what just so we can admire as you try to blow stuff up better then Michael Bay, ahey McG?

But is mystery or at least an allure of mystery just something that inherently disappears as we get older. I remember when I was 15 waiting for the release of The Dark Knight, and doing everything I could to search out the scarce information available, grabbing every news article and magazine even displaying a hint of batman, in the hope of discovering something about what would become, quite rightly and obviously one of my favourite films. I weirdly loved reading nearly the same thing over and over again as Nolan held his cards close to his chest and only on cross examination with another article would I find a snippet of something new. Or attempting to follow the online trail of Joker clues, but being a bit of a luddite struggling to really get anywhere, but it kept me hooked as I searched out those mysteries. Maybe my youthful exuberance has waned or my access and understanding of online media’s has grown and how it has grown in itself everything is there. I can look to a thousand articles and find out everything I need to know. So maybe it is my own fault that the mystery is slipping away from the silver screen well in my eyes at least.

Then again there is a distinct lack still, as I have distanced myself from online preview spoilers in any sense and stick to a single set of mainstream articles to find out only the vital information, what’s being released, when, and whose the star in the hope of creating a little mystery for myself. But with the abundance of TV spots and spolierific trailers out there this is far more a challenge for a die hard film fan than you could imagine. What the Superman vs. Batman comic con trailer just got leaked. Watch. Oh the proper full definition trailer has been released now. Watch. It’s not out for another year, well when’s the next trailer out. God it’s a tough life. So yeah not really helping myself. But then just like that something can spark a mystery in my own head. Netflixs’ releases trailer for A Series of Unfortunate Events. Watch. I’ve got Goosebumps. It’s fake. Watch Again. How can it be. It’s so good. Go on an internet-wide hunt to find the truth. Netflix deny releasing it. Released by Eleanora Poe. The conspiracy theories begin. And so does the mystery.

View the trailer here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xer4VCa5-tg
View the trailer here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xer4VCa5-tg

For the uninitiated to the world of Lemony Snicket, Eleanora Poe is the believed sibling to Mr.Poe a famed character within the books who bumblingly is put in charge of the Baudelaire orphan’s affairs only to do very little right by them. The books centre on the adventures of the Baudelaire siblings, which are shrouded in a masterful world of spies, deception and mysteries. Now what if Netflix had released this trailer but under the alias of Eleanora Poe and deny all connection in order to be in keeping with the work and world Lemony Snicket spun in his fantastic thirteen part series. Just imagine the fan boy joy and the potential mystery they could spin in order to create a buzz for their upcoming serial adaptation of these stories.

An idea like this is what I love, now please don’t go berating me with whatever thoughts you may be conjuring, because one; whatever and two; I’m not saying every movie needs this but we need to do away with the plethora of trailers and teasers and teaser for a teaser for a trailer. Give me a thirty second teaser and at most a two minute trailer to get me wound up and excited and then another closer to release that’s fine, toy with me, make me want to know more about your film. I’m going to see it so why not let me enjoy every word you’ve written, every image you’ve conjured, let me love your world and as the very last thing let me enjoy my moment of self gratitude as I spot the iconic line from your trailer and quickly glance round at my accompanying audience to see if they got it, they didn’t. I smile to myself.

I am Jack’s hopeful sense of surprise.

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