Rise of the Supers

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Before anyone get’s too excited, if that is possible about this blog, this isn’t a post about superhero’s and comics, as much as I am dying to declare my love for the printed adventures of the likes of Batman, The Pizza Club, Spider-Man (Spectacular not Amazing), Deadpool, Deathstroke and so forth, so is not the case today. But believe me such a post is coming with a fury all it’s own No this blog is about the rise of two of the biggest companies currently within film and television, rising to the near statuses of superpowers. Much like North Korea setting their clocks back to create their own time zone recently, these two entities are carving a path all their own in the industry as they rise to the top, either for better or worse. And here endeth any more references between these companies and North Korea, it was simply an example nothing more, yes there is an argument to be made to further such references but you won’t find them here, for now.

Also apologies for being so coy, I have no idea why I am, I am talking of Disney and Netflix, feel the image kind of gives it away. So don’t know why I tried to be all mysterious when any bright or dim minded reader would of figured that one out. Also I’m not apologising if you took offence to me calling you dim, you could of picked bright and no one would of known, so if you did pick dim you’re an idiot, I’m not going to actively insult you “jokingly” there’s plenty of 23 random things everyone should do, have done, kicked, eaten, sat on etc. articles over on Buzzfeed full of that kind of “humorous writing’s”. I’m just going to insult you.  Anyway I digress.

You only need look at Disney’s film line up until 2017 to rightly understand their place as a superpower, and in honesty Disney have long been one, it’s only in the last five years or so have they shown their true dominance, buying out Marvel and then Lucas Film by throwing them a casual four billion a piece. Not to mention having had Pixar under their wind since day one. Not only have they successfully bought out two of the biggest franchise’s in modern cinema they’re pushing them forward in all aspects and raking in the money. And they’re being smart about it, they aren’t being returning to their nineties variation, they are something else. Launching a successful series of Star Wars comics produced by Marvel, thus eliminating the competition of Dark Horse in the comic worlds a little more. They’re bringing back fan favourites and are tailoring them to both the fans and the uninitiated alike through comic’s, TV, action figures, mugs, little piece’s of plastic that you’ll pay ten pound for that cost five pence to make, we are effectively in Disney’s back pocket and we don’t even know it and we’ve probably been there since we first checked for the Mickey Mouse hologram on the side of our VHS tapes to ensure we had the real deal and we were watching a Disney film.

Disney's big film line up 2015 - 2017
Disney’s big film line up 2015 – 2017

They have control of so many aspects unbeknownst to us and it’s both exciting and worrying at the same time particularly as a comic book fan. If Disney want to pull a comic to make a Fox produced Marvel film suffer they can and they’ve done it; The Fantastic who? Four? Nah never heard of it, X-Men starts to falter or get’s too big, goodbye the odd ten titles here’s just two now. They want to get you excited for something they have nearly every channel open to them, give Doctor Strange a guest spot in the ongoing Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon series or failing that an original short for the upcoming Zootopia before you get your fill of Gravity Falls. They have it all and it’s just as worrying as it is exciting with Disney green lighting the likes of the aforementioned Doctor Strange, a live action Beauty and the Beast, Ghost in the Shell and then there is Star Wars Episode VII need I say more. Even if I wanted to be angry with Disney or concious of their intentions what’s the point they already have me and I’m happily sitting in their back pocket one minute raging and trying to escape the next placid and happily humming the Imperial March.

And then there’s Netflixs’ China to Disney’s America, again not a direct comparison just in term of superpower versus superpower. I’m an instant advocate of Netflix and I’m not here to sing it’s praises or anything but it is an awesome service but it’s what Netflix is producing and doing, that is fast making it stand out and rise to superiority over all others. Recently it has been pushing it’s self made content and with a few missteps along the way, Lilyhammer, it has well and truly found its footing. While not all of it’s content may be to your taste the fact that it is creating such a diverse range of products and all of a staggering quality, in comparison to the smaller pieces churned out by the mainstream cable channels, it is to be applauded. Netflix has quickly established itself as a known body and is pushing itself to create some of the most exciting online content possible, with the likes of Daredevil and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp of late being some of the stand out shows. With the latter going to show the true nature of Netflix’s, Netflix’s is willing to dive into the realms of forgotten cults and bring them back with a flair, bringing back the near complete original cast including the likes of Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Amy Poehler, Janeane Garofalo and adding the likes of Jason Schwartzman, Jon Hamm and Michael Cera to the mix to create something both familiar and fresh and one of the best sit-coms I’ve seen recently. And this is where Netflix power lies it can draw some of the biggest names in Hollywood, with Brad Pitts’ War Machine gaining interest and intrigue with Anthony Michael Hall and Will Poulter already attached.  And it’s also getting the big wigs to turn their heads with Daredevil renewed for a second season and Disney/Marvel announcing a plethora of additional potential franchises with the likes of Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Netflix’s sits in a fascinating world all of it’s own bridging the dimensions of online content, cable television and streaming service, which gives it a nuance all to it’s own, making it stand head and shoulders above all others as at rises up the ranks to superiority. And I for one can’t wait to see where they will venture next, and if anyone can bring back Firefly, my credits are on Netflix as is my faith.

You can’t take the sky from me.


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