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A battle has raged on for centuries, destroyed friendships and one I find myself firmly in the middle of; who is better DC or Marvel! While we all perceive to know the answer the fact is half the people reading this have just gone “Yeah DC” and the other “Easy, Marvel”. I don’t need to point out the obvious intention of that sentence, I hope; it’s contradictory, in case you were unsure. Now once again before I even start I have two things to point out firstly I will not be answering this question only part of it and secondly this is hopefully going to be a short post as I’m currently working on another but it isn’t quite finished.

So why have I brought this all up, am I just trying to filler-bust my own blog… you know what I’m not actually answering. Why, because I have a somewhat answer to a segment of the question, whose better. Marvel and DC have been and are in constant battle with each other across a variety of Media, comics, tv, film, books, animation, and it is the latter which I have somewhat of an answer to. As you see DC are committed to there feature animation outputs and there truly are some great films out there and so worth a watch and with the upcoming Justice League Action on Cartoon Network they are still applying pressure in the cartoon market even after the boom and fallout of the 90’s when tv was dripping with class cartoons whereas Marvel have dropped off shifting focus more on to their live action pieces. I’m not here to comment on how this affects these behemoths but simply to enlighten yourself to the fact there are some quality comic animated films out there and more to come. And they are a great way to enhance or as a gateway into the world of comics and their expanded universes, but be warned there is always a dark side to these things, Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Teen Titans GO! I’m looking at you!

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So what do you need to watch, look no further here are my top 7 animated movies and series to watch:

Batman The Animated Series – The be all and end all of Batman animation this is where it all started a dark and mature series for kids, filled with Batman’s gallery of villains and great story lines, for those who weren’t raised on the 60’s serial this was more then likely their introduction to Batman.

X-Men: The Animated Series – It was game on back in the 90’s with both Marvel and DC in the ring and this was a class example of what Marvel could do, filled with a cavalcade of Mutants and classic stories picked from the books, and boasting possibly the best theme of any animated series.

The Amazing Spider-Man – this, batman and x-men and your mornings were sorted as a child in the 90’s, this may have moved Spidey onto college but this truly didn’t hinder the series, fantastic through and through, stuffed with action, romance and humour the perfect companion to the Spider-Man franchise.

The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 – the first feature on this list is a stunning rendition of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson’s book The Dark Knight Returns perfectly capturing the feel and tone of it. I’ve chosen the first part to this two part film, while the second part holds all the memorable action bat’s vs supe’s and bat’s vs the joker, the slow build first film feels perfectly self contained and does a great job of introducing us to the fantastic dark corrupt world dreamed up by Miller and Janson.

The Batman – an often much over looked series from the 2000’s its sharp manga influenced style and 3D rendered elements put many off along with the heavy re-styling of many of the characters but give it a go and stick with it and you’ll find a dark intriguing series that will keep you hooked. Plus Hamill returns as the Joker.

Son Of Batman/Batman vs Robin – Okay so this may be technically two separate films and if I can separate The Dark Knight Returns surely I can pick one of these, I could but I don’t want to as these are probably the best and most fun representations of DC’s new 52 as well as DC’s appeal to a more mature audience, and plus Damian Wayne is as good as Robin as any and these films prove it.

Justice League Unlimited – The best Justice League put to the screen, the character work and interaction on this series was un-president and if you want to understand the DC universe as a whole this is the series to go with. Bear in mind this series is essentially the sequel to Justice League and the two are one in the same I’ve just chosen Unlimited as it is easier to distinguish but you must watch both not one rather then the other. Both.

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While there are 100’s more out there consider this your perfect starting point, while the list may seem DC biased this is because when it comes to animation they are simply supplying the greater output and deserve their gracious applause, and with more exciting entries to come, in particular The Killing Joke! Slated for later this year. So whose better, well when it comes to cartoons and animated features I’m saying DC.

Consider yourself filler-busted!




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