The New 52


So here goes, back at it and I’m about to set up my first potential failure of the year and you’re all about to have the joy of witnessing it unravel. Like any good writer worth his salt and or alcoholic tendencies will tell you, if you want to write you need to experience it first. You need to explore the world, see crazy sights, end up in bar fights, have your heart broken, feel joy and grief, fall down and hit every cliche on the way down but still get up. So I did. I decided not to write a single word on this site for the entirety of 2017 and boy did I make the most of it!

I travelled 18 hours in a tin can to the grand island of Japan. Failed to see Mount Fuji but did fall asleep on the fastest train known to man, on a pirate ship, on a park bench in front of a thousand year old temple and quite comfortably on a hard woven mat floor. I changed jobs from the wonders of Channel 5 to the exotic youthfulness of MTV. But I certainly pop-cultured, as I saw an all time high of two musicals, countless movies and read some highly recommendable literature, mainly of the comic book variety, but that’s for another time. Maybe. As I’ll likely forget I’ve said this. In addition I got a few haircuts, most likely ate over the recommended amount, had a birthday and celebrated a few others. All in all it was a real filibuster of a year. I feel like I really found myself and have truly grown as a person…

So without further ado and in light of these facts I have decided to make my return to the most powerful and influential form of writing, outside of Top 23 listings and short form video analysis essays, blogging. And you’re all in for a hell of a treat but why the sudden and flamboyant return to the form. Well, to make a long story short and a shortened story a sentence – because I wanted to. Now to return to that short story, I did it because I really really wanted to make a single terrible nerdy joke title but felt I  needed an excuse to do so and so have challenged myself to produce a post a week. That’s 52 New posts coming literally at you and into your inbox this year. You can consider them little capsules of disappointing delights, you know like a free U2 album. They could contain anything from a wondrous point of discussion, an intellectual analysis, a quick tat-ah-tay or some visually stimulating art or photography I’ve seen or produced and would like to share.*

*Instant disclaimer please interpret the above as follows – “basically whatever I can be arsed to do! Alright! It’s my challenge and I’ll half-arse myself all the way to my own pathetic victory as much as I like.”

Now to make a short story long there is one last thing I need to add. This is not some cockamamy New Year New Me resolution nonsense! I’ve been wanting to do this since November, my girlfriend Poppy will vouch for this – ‘Hey! Look you got a mention, is it good enough?’ And due to my limited capacity to track the sun and moon (ahem. correctly follow a calendar) I decided to await the dawning of a new year and a New 52 weeks! Before beginning my epic writing stint. Phew, I’m glad to have that off my chest.

Here’s to a year of fun, thoughtfulness and something akin to humour. So welcome all new potential readers and to the 3 returning readers. Hi Mum, Dad and Poppy!… Oh god… oh why… why did I think this would be a good idea… ugh dumb, stupid new year new me challenge nonsense… well here we go I guess…

… And I’m back… for now.


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