Buying Life

egg_wood copy 1

They call it The Thinking Egg, it’s a perfectly designed and engineered ovum made of wood, brass or stone and no larger than an ordinary die. The Egg debuted no more than 10 days ago and has already garnered £22,000 pounds in order to aid it’s production after having reached its proposed benchmark of £3,500 in only 48hrs. Its a simple egg carrying with it the promise of slowing down time.

On multiple occasions I have wanted to put pen to paper and then fingers to keys to discuss the ever relevant and endlessly innovative community of Kickstarter. Yet was never sure what I wanted to articulate about the brilliant crowd funding site. Back in my uni days we had been pushed to use it in order to raise funds for our final projects and thought little of the site and it’s community. Instead seeing it as a stomping ground for a handful of success stories and needy cash strapped students just wanting to get through their degree. However it is in fact a sprawling community of creative thinkers, willing helpers and fervent collaborators. That is filled to bursting with original and exquisite designs, concepts and ideas. I may yet still write something to this affect but that is for another time and neither here nor there really, for now it’s all about, The Egg.

The newly distilled design company Orijin have revealed their first commercial product, conjured from within the beauty of Canada. They have produced something that completely encapsulates the current desires and thinking of the modern world that we find ourselves in. The Thinking Egg is undoubtedly a fine product of high design and brilliant craft but it is what it promises and more importantly what that promise is to symbolise and mean.

The Modern World is constant, the idea of 9-5, of the 5 working days are long dead. Through innovation we have made ourselves indispensable, we have created tools that make communication infinitely possible, multi-tasking, travel, sharing and contact are all so effortless. The intention of such improvements to technology is aways with ease and simplicity in mind. We are constantly simplifying our lives, we can fit our lives into our pockets and with such innovations should come the ability to enjoy everything a little more because everything is now so simple and easy. Instead we are ever constant, ever contactable and ever working both personally and professionally. We’ve simplified everything so much that we have made it constant and unending. Through all this improvement and innovation we arrive at a small wooden egg, an egg of birth and life, wealth and promise, a token to remind us of life.

This is the conceit of The Thinking Egg, it can’t actually slow down time or save us from our near self-destructive constant need to be busy. Instead it has been designed as a reminder, a token, a physical and tangible object to remind us to slow down, to look to the sky and find a little moment to ourselves of calmness and relief. Carry it on your person, have it at your desk, beside your bed, it is your string around your finger reminding you there is infinitely more to life than you perceive right now. A much needed reminder at times for all of us.

The Thinking Egg is a beautiful piece of design but the need for such an object and its instant marketability is a dire mark of the times we live in. We are constantly purchasing books promising 365 days of happiness, how to find our inner peace or time to ourselves. We travel in search of a purpose, in order to tick stuff off an ever growing list. We buy into fads that promise to improve our attention spans or reduce our fidgeting to give us more time and focus. We buy into all of these in the hopes that they will all some how improve our lives and give way to unforeseen riches. Instead of just making and taking the time we want to be shown the way, we want to buy into the next life changing idea because it appears more tangible and plausible, it is a show of effort, it is something to pass on to begin. So instead of buying the time we want we propel ourselves into the next activity that will give us time and sometimes we will find it. Maybe we just need to find our escape.


Support Orijins kickstarter campaign here and for more information. 

Figures have been rounded and were correct at time of posting. 


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