Passive Socialising

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Straight off the bat lets just say I’m not the most social person on the planet, my friends are undoubtedly scoffing at this, as are most likely my family. If you were to attend one of our various house parties, obviously organised by my housemates, you would certainly not find me at the center of them. Instead in traditional wallflower style you would find me at the fringes. Entertainment falling to either one of my two housemates, either with one organising the games of increasing volatility and loudness or with the other ‘seamlessly’ crafting social opportunities that become cruder and cruder as the evening descends into joyful disarray. Again the ones I know will have their scoffing at the ready but it isn’t that I dislike socialising or am a completely unapproachable individual. I just, in the least lamest way possible, prefer the smaller moments of a party, a quick conversation here,  a running joke there and then that ever present small chat which slowly unravels into a world ending 1 am discussion piece. I am not one for the center stage with the spotlight glaring, thankfully my housemates mop up that portion of our parties.

This desire to scout the fringes of socialising I have found extends to my social media presence. Now, big clean throat clears ready for another round of scoffs, I’m not big on social media in any terms of the phrase. I’ll allow the scoff counter to settle from that onslaught before continuing. Personally I don’t get a huge amount out of many of the platforms I’m a part of, I occasionally scan through my various feeds and by occasionally I mean whenever I’m bored which is a very common occurrence while at work. Although I will never partake in anything, never accepting invites (much to my friends disdain), rarely liking or commenting, even ever more rarely posting (however since re-starting my blog it has become a little more regular for some shameless self-promotion) and responding in the bare minimum. I enjoy the ability to chat and share so seamlessly as who doesn’t but I don’t like everything that comes along with it. Not that I’m searching for martyrdom although wouldn’t say no it’s just I prefer having the conversations face to face or more often then not via private messenger as lets just say me and my friends are ones for rambles and unexpected torrents of varying magnitudes.

Of late though I have found myself more and more enticed by the delights of Reddit. It may be because of the anonymity it provides or maybe it is the more tailored feed I experience instead of the all encompassing likes of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Yet even though I find a lot more enjoyment it is not from partaking, again I rarely post or comment and will only occasionally click for an upvote (like) here or there but nothing ever substantial. I feel there is a greater wholesomeness to the community’s I’m a part of they seem more willing to tangent, share encouragingly and where nothing seems too off topic. Thanks to Reddit and it’s AskReddit community I have discovered I am not alone in my enjoyment of just being instead of partaking, there is likely a grand psychology behind all of this far too encompassing for me or for this post right now. Instead I just wished to reveal in the phenomenon of legions of social users who are more then happy just to be, allowing others to take center stage and entertain us.

Recently though in addition to my shameless promoting I have found greater enjoyment in contributing to the Instagram community after nearly 18 months of idle sideline viewership. I guess it as Dylan prophesied all the those eons ago, and clearly aimed at my changing social trends, that the times are a changin’. At least in the minute virtual space I occupy online even so I’m in no hurry to leap up the social ladder or out into the spotlight any time soon still preferring to be on the fringes, as my housemates can continue to perform their diligent and entertaining party duties and I’ll remain one of the flowers on the wall.


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