368. The Neistat Way


368 could change the world. It could revolutionize the media game. It could be the greatest global creative feat. For now though it is just an empty space in New York City and nobody knows what it is going to be, even it’s owner/creator Casey Neistat. This could very well be the beauty of 368.

Firstly though allow me to explain to you the phenomenon that is Casey Neistat before we go any further. Casey is a YouTube sensation with over 9 million subscribers, having gone viral more times then you or I have had hot dinners, as the old adage goes. Renowned for his mind boggling level of commitment to producing daily vlogs. He may very well have a love him or hate him kind of personality but you cannot deny his enthusiasm, diligence and love for what he does and for everything around him. It will only take a couple of videos to understand the energy the man has as well as to decide whether or not you like him. Not that he’ll care what you think in the slightest. Throughout his vlogging career Neistat has made a point of pushing for your dreams, utilizing that do or die/never give up mentality. Which has long been Neistat’s ethos to the point he has ‘do more’ and ‘work harder’ tattooed on his body.

368 has begun life as a launching point for Neistat’s latest round of daily vlogs and has helped breathe new life into his format. The actuality of both the name and the place has yet been defined and so remains just a mysterious space in New York. In all likelihood you are probably becoming annoyed with my constant referral to 368 and what it can and could be before following it up with an unhelpful and unfulfilling sentence but expect no explanation to follow soon. So why is their excitement for something that actually isn’t and that no one can explain or define. Well that’s the answer, it’s currently nothing, a clean slate, a literal blank space. A space that has sent creative minds spiraling with intrigue. 368 has the power to be anything it want’s right now and I’m not talking of it becoming some hipster saffron infused barista coffee bar. 368 currently stands, both literally and figuratively, for creativity in it’s infancy, it is at it’s most precious and it’s most malleable.

Neistat in his announcement video enthuses about it’s potential as a creative hub, a place of creativity, where bloggers and vloggers alike can come together, where others both seasoned and fresh can learn, a space to make and create, it could have podcast recording booths or edit suites on hand, it could quite literally be a place where creativity can both flourish and live. It’s about bringing the underground to the foreground uncommercialized and untainted (hopefully). It’s about bringing out the creator and the creative and giving them the spotlight or at the very least a chance at it. 368 also holds the ability to inspire others to either follow suit or to get creative, to dream. With a figure like Neistat behind it 368 is naturally getting a lot of public attention. This attention isn’t just drawing enthusiasm from the fans but also from like minded creators and wannabes alike and it’s beautiful to see. To point where it has enthused the founder of Patreon to produce a response video requesting to collaborate with Neistat, purely of his own accord outside of the realm of Patreon.

368 may very well not change the world but right now it has the power to do anything. That’s the power of an idea and thanks to YouTube and modern social-ability Neistat is sharing the beginnings of an idea with us and allowing us to be a part of it. Ideas are a dime a dozen and everyone everywhere is having ten or fifteen every moment but we battle them alone. Maybe we conquer them or allow them to defeat us rarely do we ever share them so openly and on such a scale. Of course not all of us are able to share them on the scale that Neistat is but the very fact that he is and we are in fact a part of it is amazing.

368 isn’t anything. Just a blank space but this blog mere moments ago was just a collection of blank pixels and nothingness. Just as blank as that piece of paper staring back up at you, the one that intimidates you and excites you in equal measures. The one you just want to scribble all over or splatter with paint or painstakingly measure out and divide up or whatever the hell you want to do to it. That’s what 368 is, it’s that blank space. One that is being enthused over by an extremely charismatic individual and being presented and shared on a global scale, without fear. Neistat is holding up the blank piece of paper to us, willing us to dream. To share. To create. To get excited. To work harder. To do more.


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