If you’re like me at some point or another you’ve wondered; if people had super powers what would mine be? Well over the years it seems I have had to wonder about this less and less. For on this inaugural day, when I travelled east a year ago to the wilds of Japan, I realised my “powers” fully for the first time. So I thought this being it’s anniversary I would share my strange revelations with you. For those of you who know me or for those who started this literary journey with me back in my first blog have likely kindled on to what may follow. But in the grander likelihood you may have gathered an inkling from my title and image and safely put 2 and 2 together and made 3, so at least we are all now on the same page.

It seems I have developed the uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere, anyhow, anytime no matter what. So while I await the rap of Charles or even Eric at my door allow me to explain myself of what I know thus far and before the beginning of my (obvious) training. Please note that what I pen further is complete conjecture so please withhold any of your professional opinions readers of “Why we sleep?” as I’m sure your expertise is formidable but frankly dear, I just don’t care, sally forth.

Now you’re probably thinking, that is if by some miracle you are still reading this obvious piece of expert filler-busting, oh so you can fall asleep on a train or a bus or a plane or upon a pirate ship as you skim the tranquil waters beneath Mt. Fuji, big whoop! Yes, yes I can, the bigger question particularly in respect to the latter of your oddly specific questioning is why would you sleep at such a point… BOOM! Superpowers! I can hear the blackbird landing now.* It is a question I can not sadly answer, yet. Just the other week I fell asleep upon a sofa on the show room floor of a Next store (they do clothes and household things, a wonderful store). I had in god to honest’s truth a wonderful sleep the night before but as I sunk into that couch the warm darkness over took me and I slipped into it’s nurturing embrace. I guess it was just one damn comfy sofa, no this is not a payed for advertisement for Next Sofa’s but if per chance you are intrigued by their brilliant range of comfy couches and recliners please click the following link… Alas, I digress but to be fair even when my younger brother slammed one of the couch cushions into my face startling me awake it was the most pleasant of pains i have ever had, congrats Next, remember them for all your cushion to human beating needs, I’m telling you this is not an ad although money is always appreciated. Not only did I have to endure the rude awakening but also the sniggers of other shoppers witnessing our antics.

*aka the x-jet, yes I made another x-men reference I’m kind of trying to make it a theme.

Anyway I guess without further ado and considering that this post has now reached an acceptable word count that I can consider it a proper piece of writing. Allow me to present to you the highlights of my powers in action thus far;

sleep ship


Behold the aforementioned pirate ship sleep and what I was missing, I think you can agree as to why I chose this comfy and dull spot to nap in.


This was a quick one I sneaked in on the way up to the mountain lake.


Where it all began. We won’t question how or by whom this photo was captured just know I had a wonderful and deep sleep that night… Okay that came off worse then intended.


And here it is the pièce de la résistance, yep asleep while standing up, slinged up and drugged up (the good type, as in the healthy medical type, for I had just had a 4 inch nail put into my hand the day before). This here is the true blossoming of my skill I believe.

While it may not be the greatest of powers and maybe not even close to the most useful it is at least something, I guess… Who knows maybe this could be the beginning of a new fantastic journalistic travel collection of photographs. As I sleep my way around the globe *ahem* I mean trot around the globe napping in the most exotic and exciting places known to man.

“Isn’t Times Square a dream” – I’m good, already in dreamland.

“Oh my god Lions” – nice, I’m already lying down.

“The pyramids of Giza are a technical feet, aren’t they”  – already off my feet thanks.

“WAKE UP! Wake up NOW! Before we go off…”

Well you get the picture, ha, pun. Totally unintentional. Let’s be real it obviously wasn’t.

Lastly I would just like to say a massive thank you to my stellar photography team for making me look stunning on every single occasion. To my girlfriend, my dad and my older brother, thank you for capturing this wonderful and enduring images. And also to the random google image that provided the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji it appears I was too preoccupied to have actually taken any photo’s of it, not sure how that happened…

Did you know on a clear day you can see Mt. Fuji from 3 miles away in the surrounding area.



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