Full Circle


This whole blog began as a way to fill the loss of our University Radio Show that was ruthlessly pulled from air. To be fair we had graduated and so weren’t technically allowed in the recording studio anymore. Ruthless. Our show however, ‘And we’re back…’ began as an opportunity for myself and my friend Harley to talk film and football while playing some of our favourite songs in an attempt to give a little alternative too the stock standard music shows others were producing. The football chatter however never even made it to air we got way to embroiled in the film nonsense. Then with the recruitment of our good friend Junes we completed our dynamic trio. Every week we would discuss the comings and goings of Hollywood, we would play screenwriting games, speculate on future franchises and design our own. We would also do dramatic script re-enactments from our favourite films with three grown(ish) men recreating the infamous Mufasa death scene from The Lion King being the highlight of our short lived DJ careers. All of this was backed by a pick of our favourite soundtracks and movie songs. We had an absolute ball.

Then it was gone ruthlessly, ruthlessly, cut from the air. So I found myself needing an outlet for all the ideas, thoughts and opinions bubbling up in my head. If this blog is any indication you can tell I’m not one to shy away from voicing an opinion or two and my friends are no different. On one occasion my girlfriend join us on air and I believe she only managed, with much fighting, to get two words in… I mean that’s probably how it goes with anyone when we three get into a debate of nerdisitc proportions. The Radio Show though was a space and time in which we could voice said opinions unabridged albeit not uncensored. Which certainly made our reading of Pulp Fiction a little dicey. It enabled us to unleash upon a some what unwitting audience as well as providing us with a creative space where we could bounce ideas around for imaginary projects and dream film scenarios. It was a time for us where we could just talk and talk without life getting in the way. My blog somewhat stepped into the void the show left, partially staving my need to verbalise my thoughts and be creative. While my blog has developed a little since then it has still remained something of a very much one sided affair.

Today however I am happy to say the void has well and truly been filled, hopefully, as Junes, Harley and I embark on the next step of our opinionated careers. Rebirthing the show in a new skin and bringing it screaming into the 22nd Century all shiny and new as; The 3am Podcast. Listen to the debut episode now;




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