King of Fandoms


Right now, right this second I am having the best day ever. As many know the old adage goes there’s always someone out there having a better one, albeit the adage is usually used in the inverse, in the negative i.e. there is always someone having a worse day than you. Of course the reason we say this is to give perspective and to buoy ourselves when it comes to the negative version. Like I say though right now I’m having the best day ever, now you are likely questioning that or comparing your happiness to mine, internally trying to prove your day may be better, its natural, its what we do as humans, we compete. Maybe you are having a better day, maybe you’ve just gotten free pizza, have just closed a movie deal or have just been for the most delightful walk, whatever it may be. It may be better than mine but to me it isn’t, it is just simply different. Whatever the causes, whatever the reasonings our happinesses are equal. Why, because it is a matter of perspective, its personal, its my day, my life, its my happiness to gauge.

We all have likes and we all have loves each built from our own individual personalties and opinions. Each as unique and individual as us. If I say Attack of the Clones is the best movie from the Star Wars prequels for instance then I am correct. How come? Because simply put and this isn’t something I should have to say but it seems today more than ever it is important to do so, it is my opinion on an objective matter. A persons opinion is their opinion and no one should be bullied out of their opinions or the ability to talk freely about what they enjoy. People shouldn’t be shamed and harassed into changing their minds or biting their tongues especially on such trivial matters of movies, characters, comics, music, shows or pop culture in general.

Before I go any further though and proceed with this post I need to be honest about something and address my own past shortcomings on this very matter. I have been a nerd, a geek, a loser or whatever the buzzword of the time was. But during my short time on this planet I have been privileged enough to see the things that I have loved for years and years expand, explode and ripple out into the world of the mainstream. I no longer have to hide away my comics for fear of teasing instead they now sit proudly on my desk at work, ever inviting conversation from others. I have long fiercely defended my opinions and in the process belittled others in my attempts to do so, with me at times quite literally telling someone their opinion is wrong and why so. Yes, the very thing I am protesting and making a point of and a stand for. I have been the heel, the vindictive, the very thing I am berating.

I honestly quite literally couldn’t be happier that the things I have loved for years are now so widely accepted and being enjoyed by others. I have watched communities grow and expand. It’s very easy to place something you’ve loved for a lifetime over on a pedestal, it can feel sacrosanct. Especially when it just becomes this thing it becomes popular something very few who have loved it have experienced in any shape or form themselves. It is natural to protect the things you love but we need to remember these are battles of opinion. Not truth or fact. There are no rights or wrongs. We should welcome those who question our opinions and challenge them, we should engage them, listen to them. In doing so you can allow your love to become something greater, to become conversation, to become a connection, an interaction.

Those of us who love comics or movies or whatever your vice may be, we as people love to talk about what we love. We love to share our opinions and we should all be able to do so free from criticisms or viciousness. I may have played the part of the perpetrator in the past but all I can do is apologise for my actions and continue to correct my course. All I can ask is for you to do the same. Our loves are our loves and we should be able to talk about them and share them freely and confidently. Those of us have loved the obscure or the previously considered lame have long spent our times in the dark being ridiculed and teased so why would we do the same to others, we should embrace our fandoms as they grow and welcome new members to the fold. For in the kingdoms of our fandoms we rule supreme, we are the kings and queens of our fandoms for they are ours and ours alone.



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