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After nearly a full years worth of writing I seem to have boxed myself into a corner this week. Having maybe jumped the gun a little too early with last weeks my year in review piece and knowing that next week marks an actual full year of blogging for which of course I’ve saved all the good stuff for. Which will see the emotional well of thoughts, feelings and ideas that I have to duly dregged up for your musings. For it all marks the possible end of these here ramblings as well as the completion of my self-imposed, on whim answer to a dare, challenge. Which leads to now with me stood in the corner awaiting the floor around me to dry.

So how to fill out this interlude instalment? I could yammer on about how mental a week this has been, what in the lead up to Christmas and all. With everyone equally trying to get all their work done and enjoy themselves while completing their gift shopping, wrapping, food prep, decorating of houses, cleaning of said houses etc. etc. but like I say everyone is doing that and I really don’t have much to add, just that I am thankful the week is over. Then again I could fill it by berating and teasing the absurd new tube announcements around stations in London which carry the pleasing tones of Mariah Carey saying inane stuff like; “oh hello my beauties, you’ve likely been out sipping the champagne this holiday season so please stand well away from the edge so you can enjoy these festive times with my latest album…”. As if we’ve reached the point where safety announcements are also a viable form of advertising! You might as well just be saying “please don’t die this holiday season so that you may instead go out and buy my fabulous music”. Don’t let my legitimate safety get in the way of your much needed record sales Mariah. Or I could idle the post away with musings on more holiday traditions or unload my opinions on the plethora of films I have watched over the past few weeks before dovetailing into deep meaningful prose. Instead however I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone and anyone who over the past year has read any of my ramblings, shared them, liked them, spoken about them or even gone above and beyond and hit that subscribe button in order to get weekly mundanity delivered straight to their likely already overflowing inboxes. To all of you thank-you and whatever you may be up to this holiday season, even if it is or isn’t a holiday for you, I wish you all the best and hope you have a fantastic time. That goes also for any fresh eyes taking in these sentiments.

If you are new or joined somewhere along the way and want to know what the heck you’ve just put yourself through and what it all means, you can find all such answers here. As well as of course hopefully selling you enough on my adventure that you’ll be back next week for the big firework finale. Which of course I am way overselling it’s just I never believed or expected to be here. There is of course a lot more behind all these sudden sentiments which puts me back in the aforementioned corner. I will briefly say though that the undertaking of this own personal challenge has sparked my creativity and fuelled my commitments to no end. To be super preachy and wholly uninspiring and unoriginal now, can I just say whatever that thing is you’ve been putting off, do it! I’ve been keeping my writing at bay for years and I still struggle to fully fulfil my aspirations but everything’s a starting point. You don’t have to immediately go the whole hog instead build and learn, take breaks, experiment, try and fail but just keep going, keep the fire alive. Also I can’t deny as weirdly stressful as it has been at times having this blog hanging over my head it has been a helluva lot of fun.

Well there you go folks, filibusted! I’m pretty sure I’ve used that joke before… I truly am running out of things to say. I intended to keep this one short and sweet and well I’ll leave you to be the judge of whether that was achieved. I have been able to exude my gratitudes though which was the true purposes of this post in case they got way laid in the emotional outpouring that promises to be next weeks blog till then though, stay safe and happy holidays.

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