Entrepreneuring “F**k it”

I hate writing or even saying things likes this but it is the only way to introduce this piece: I am a part of that often spoken of, butt of the joke, ‘misunderstood’ Millennial generation. The ones who supposedly don’t want to work, who are concerned with striking the perfect work life balance, a generation supposedly unconcerned with getting a house yet we are all a billion shades inbetween. We do not pray at the alter of workism, we are just more aware of what we want, we understand a lot and if we don’t think something is right or we don’t like it, we think Fuck it, Fuck that. Not a give-it-all-up-fuck-it but a that’s not right, thats not how I want to live, I don’t care that’s the way its been done for X amount of years, its wrong and we need to do something about it kind of fuck it. Why are we seen as such a seemingly self-reliant, self-starting, out spoken, complaining, snowflake of a generation? Because that’s who we are and its the meaning of evolution in action. Why should we put up with things years out of date, at school (about ten years back now) words like batty, fag and Jew were bounded around with absolute ease, not a single person batting an eyelid. The world changes, it evolves and we all realised it was wrong, we realised the hurt in those words and we thought Fuck that, go ahead brand me a snowflake, as being overly sensitive, that’s fine by me at least I’m not generalising a population or belittling people through crude, casual, offensive slang.

In particular there is a lot of talk surrounding the Millennial work ethic with claims of us working more hours, of valuing personal time more, of wanting to find something within our jobs that makes us happy and damn right many of us want to. Unlike many reports claim however we aren’t working longer hours than previous generations we are just more conscious of our time and it and ours value. I’d happily work a 60 hour week if at the end of every day no matter how hard, no matter how mentally draining that I felt good about it, I felt valued and as if I had done something worth while, I would do it. I mean screw working even 1 hour doing something I do not care for, that I do not value or that I find no fulfilment in. An ever constant thrown at the Millennial generation is our want to find something within our jobs as if it is a mad thing to want, every life is valuable and every life is made up of spending time doing. So why work doing something you find no value in, just why? This doesn’t simply mean everyone wants to run off and join Greenpeace they just want to do something that feels like they are living, that they are just as happy at work as they are outside of it. We don’t want to do a job just because we know we have to, we do them of course we do but the whole time we’re thinking fuck this there is more out there than this. Are we the burnout generation? Maybe. Burnout is very real and we are all trying to effect massive change through small daily acts, we are grinding for happiness, we are constantly seeking out fulfilment in what we do and there is a very real danger in overdoing all of that but there is also a greatness to it all. Why should we stand for the current affair of politics, why should we allow casual racism, sexism and harassment to persist, why shouldn’t we want to eat healthier, to back ethical fashion? Why do such ideas seem so alien? It isn’t something we were thinking about 10 or even 5 years ago but we are all ever evolving, we are all constantly changing and developing and at a much faster rate than ever before. It does make the world a hectic place to keep apace with, to remain on trend, to produce for, to mind your Ps & Qs in. Every time you miss a beat, take a misstep, think fuck it and keep going, learn from your mistake, take the consequences and keep on striving to be better, to make the world, life better.

Facebook is outdated, Youtube has long been a viable career path and so is Instagram. Vine bred a whole generation of creators still going long after the app itself. Fashion is as accessible as it is varied, no longer are the paths so set in stone of going to College, to University and then getting a 9 to 5, why? Because that isn’t for everyone and never has been, we are all individuals, all seeking the same desire to be happy. University is right for some of us, Youtube for others, to start a clothing line in your kitchen or launch an app from your bedroom for others. There is no set path anymore why because people are saying fuck it and deciding to do something about, deciding to find another way to find joy and fulfilment ever evolving the potential of happiness we can all have.

Whatever maybe said about Millennials, whatever reports are produced and whatever facts are flung around about us as a generation should mean as much to you as they do to me. They will be obsolete and out dated in a few weeks, maybe a few months or even a couple of years and they will come to mean nothing. Whatever path they have tried to dictate will be corrected and a hundred new ones will have been carved. Nothing lasts, goes the oft spoken adage and yes, while nothing lasts why not find something within it and enjoy it while you can, be happy and penniless, be exhausted but fulfilled and when that feeling dies, when it feels like you can’t go on, say fuck it and go again. Go stack shelves, invent something, create, become a bus driver, do whatever the hell it is you want to do, regardless of what generational bracket you’ve been squeezed into. This working world has gone from a place of birthright to who you know to what education you have to experience and slowly even that is changing to the passion, the personality and drive you can bring to a role. We all have the capacity to evolve and for the world to evolve with us, this is everyones world and it is everyones to live on and be happy in, to feel fulfilment. Call me a snowflake, a Millennial, part of the ‘misunderstood’, the complaining, whatever because in time a new word will come along and it will mean just as little, it will just be another “fun” buzzword for another generation who are dutifully evolving the world by saying fuck it and finding new answers we never could. 

Authors Note: I am fully aware that entrepreneuring isn’t a word but you know what… Fuck it.

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneuring “F**k it”

  1. Hi Ian – I can remember when I was 16, ban the bomb marches, saying no child should ever go hungry, at the end of the day I like most people dropped into what is expected of you. My mum organised my work, my marriage and I sat back and let her because she was my security blanket. Not one thing I stood up and believed in happened except as a society we became more tolerant. My uncle was gay and he could not come out, he faced imprisonment. Hope all is well with you and I still read what you write xxx


    1. As ever thank you for reading and it is great to hear from you. And glad my piece resonated across generations as know I was speaking specifically about Millennials but had hoped people would see their own evolutions regardless of generation/age. I hope you’re keeping well!


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