A Love Affair: Renewed

Its been over nearly six years now since I returned back home to the city of London, six years since I thought my life had gone as far as it could in the seaside town I had truly grown up and developed in. The decision came in a flash and was impulsive driven by a … Continue reading A Love Affair: Renewed


Forgetting Memories

Photo by Jo Tyson - Unsplash Change happens fast and it will only happen quicker and in grander ways than you will ever give it credit for. No matter how far off in the distance it may seem it will arrive, all those impossibles will line up and you'll find yourself in a whole new … Continue reading Forgetting Memories


This is it, fifty-two weeks later and, count them, fifty-two posts completed. A full years worth of weekly blogging and as they sometimes say over at NASA mission accomplished or as I will be saying; Challenge, beaten! I know it doesn't sound like a hell of a lot seeing as people are out there literally making thousands … Continue reading (d)one