Finding Infinite Interest

89,400,000 results in .59 seconds. The question being, "What is the capital of the Moon?". To which one would assume to such a question there would be no answer. Which you would be correct to assume but while there was no be all and end all answer. It didn't stop a litany of possibilities, proposals, points … Continue reading Finding Infinite Interest


Nothing to Collect

Beanie Babies. Pokemon Cards. Pogs. Football Stickers. Wrestling Cards. Bottle Caps. VHS Tapes. Comics. Action Men. Happy Meal Toys. Pencils. Pens. Action Figures. Magazines. DVD's. Blu-Rays. Posters. Soda Cans. Balloons. Lego. Are just a few of the things over the years I have dedicated my time to collecting. Money wasted many would say. Well they … Continue reading Nothing to Collect