King of Fandoms

Right now, right this second I am having the best day ever. As many know the old adage goes there's always someone out there having a better one, albeit the adage is usually used in the inverse, in the negative i.e. there is always someone having a worse day than you. Of course the reason … Continue reading King of Fandoms


Nothing to Collect

Beanie Babies. Pokemon Cards. Pogs. Football Stickers. Wrestling Cards. Bottle Caps. VHS Tapes. Comics. Action Men. Happy Meal Toys. Pencils. Pens. Action Figures. Magazines. DVD's. Blu-Rays. Posters. Soda Cans. Balloons. Lego. Are just a few of the things over the years I have dedicated my time to collecting. Money wasted many would say. Well they … Continue reading Nothing to Collect