Ill Teachings

Being ill is awful whether it is a cold or just a sore throat, it is annoying and pestering and all we want to do is be better because well thats natural but we should want to be ill or I should say who we are when we are ill. When I'm ill my body … Continue reading Ill Teachings


Entrepreneuring “F**k it”

I hate writing or even saying things likes this but it is the only way to introduce this piece: I am a part of that often spoken of, butt of the joke, 'misunderstood' Millennial generation. The ones who supposedly don't want to work, who are concerned with striking the perfect work life balance, a generation … Continue reading Entrepreneuring “F**k it”


This is it, fifty-two weeks later and, count them, fifty-two posts completed. A full years worth of weekly blogging and as they sometimes say over at NASA mission accomplished or as I will be saying; Challenge, beaten! I know it doesn't sound like a hell of a lot seeing as people are out there literally making thousands … Continue reading (d)one