A History with the Spider-Man

We all have loves and fandoms that we cherish. Those things we hold sacred and protect unfathomably. If we were to really look at those fandoms and those loves and to pick them apart, questioning why this or that, what does it mean to me, I promise you you will be surprised by what you … Continue reading A History with the Spider-Man



This week marked an incredible achievement on my part as I finally finished Richard Fords' The Sportswriter. While finishing such a book, for those in the know, may not rank in the upper echelons of neither being a challenging nor a long read. Such as the likes of say, War and Peace, Ulysses or Anna … Continue reading Self-Contracted

Hawking: The Witticisms of humour-kind

  Sadly this week we lost one of the greatest and most influential minds of modern time, a man who exceeded all expectations including life itself. You would assume someone of such knowledge, influence and of heavy hard-core physics would be a stoic somewhat serious individual. Hawking however was a character of extreme wit as … Continue reading Hawking: The Witticisms of humour-kind