Rule(s) for a good life

We are generations of communicators, inspirers and aspirers. Of sharers, listeners, teachers and pupils. Storytellers and achievers, challengers, risk takers, testers and doers. Of inventors and creators and discoverers. We are all so many things but it bears remembering as obvious as it is that you are you and I am I and they are … Continue reading Rule(s) for a good life


Digging up the Past: A Geocaching Adventure

Saturday 28th July 2018. 07:18. I receive a snapchat, bleary eyed I grope for my phone before blinding myself with the sudden sting of the backlight. I note the sender, my brother, and go back to sleep. Three hours later I will actually open the message in a much more awake state and I will … Continue reading Digging up the Past: A Geocaching Adventure