Again, Again, Again.

I remember when I was first getting into comics and like anyone starting a new hobby steeped in decades of pre-existing fandom I had no idea of where to start and secondly I couldn't afford a lot, so was limited to what I could purchase. My first purchased comic though on this journey was Hit-Girl … Continue reading Again, Again, Again.


To tell a Story

Give me a pen and paper, a screen and keys, and with humility I could write you a story. Something cohesive, that flows, that naturally punctuates itself and most importantly has an ending but ask me to tell you that story and you will be left baffled and befuddled. It will leap back and forth … Continue reading To tell a Story

I am Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise

-SPOLIERS MAY BE AHEAD- Here we go, so after a heartfelt and dare I say it for once emotional introduction to my hopefully ongoing blog. I can get down to the real substance of my writings, stuff that annoys me. No don't worry I won't continually moan and berate stuff, because then it will hold … Continue reading I am Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise